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Friday, April 21, 2023

Italian Seafood Rissoto

Olive oil

Onions or shallots, about 1 medium onion.

2 Sweet carrots, fresh and chopped fine ( optional)

2 Garlic cloves

Lemon juice

Tomato paste, tube type , three squeezes

Chiffonade of tarragon

Parmesan cheese

Arborio rice

Fish stock, as needed

Cockles or small clams

Dry White wine

4 whole Mussels, and  or three or more, chopped coursely.

4 shrimp or more

10 Baby scallops

4 Baby squid (calamari rings) can use the tentacles if no one is squeamish.

4 or 5 threads of whole saffron pestles. 

Garnish with chopped chives, 2 teaspoons

Add olive oil to pan and when hot, slowly sauté the onion and carrot if used, until onion is clear. Then add the  rice, and stir rice to coat. Set aside. Carrot adds a natural sweetness.

Now heat the broth to low. Add tomato paste and saffron to the broth as you go to add color and flavor.

Now, cook the mussels in dry white wine and garlic, retaining the cooked “broth” from mussels.

Keep four mussels in the shell and shuck the rest. Chopped the shucked mussels.

Cook the shellfish in a little olive oil, separately. 

Cook calamari and shrimp, seasoning with salt and pepper and retain.

Sauté the scallops in butter and more olive oil until they take on a golden color and only then flip and color the other side. Set aside.

Lightly toast the rice for a few minutes then add white wine.  Once the rice absorbs the white wine, you will slowly add a ladle of hot broth. Once you start cooking the rice stir frequently to prevent burning.  The rice cook for about 20 minutes before it begin to be done. When the risotto absorbs all the liquid, you add another ladle of broth until the risotto is cooked to perfection.

Now combine the seafood and rice, tarragon, chives and Parmesan. Taste and add some lemon to brighten the dish. Correct the seasoning.