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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Soppressata Panini - Roman Sandwich

Italy makes some of the worlds most flavorful and popular salumi1. These are so popular, that many countries also make their own versions. Soppressata’s ingredients vary but feature pork predominately even if some recipes contain beef. What CAN be said, in any case, is the results are spectacular and delicious. This salami is one to the tastiest and spicy. This sandwich recipe screams Italy and will bring you back to fall days in Rome.

Italian Bread sliced ¼ thick (Pane Casareccio di Genzano or San Francisco sourdough)
Extra virgin olive oil
Garlic cloves for rubbing bread after pan toasted
Sliced provolone
Parmigiano di Reggiano
Homegrown sweet tomato, sliced thin
Soppressata, sliced, enough to completely cover each bread slice
Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 450 F. Preheat a large oven safe frying pan. When hot add four slices of bread that has been generously painted with olive oil. Place slices olive oil side down. Add soppressata, cover with sliced provolone cheese, followed by tomato slices. Dust top of tomatoes with a sprinkling of Parmigiano cheese, add a bit of salt and pepper. When the bottom of the slices are just golden brown, place fry pan in oven to melt the cheese.

Assemble the sandwich halves; rub the outside of each slice with a cut clove of garlic.


If you cannot find soppressata, one could substitute Tuscan salami sprinkled with some cayenne pepper. This sandwich also may include fire roasted sweet red pimentos (cherry pepper) or Italian eggplant.

  1. Salumi are Italian cured meat products and predominantly made from pork. They are most often not cooked but dry cured. Ham and salami are members.