Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to tell if Great French Restaurant

French is more than a nicoise salad and soup with bread. These are NOT a good indication of fine French cuisine. When I am looking for Great French is expect to see classic dishes that quintessentially say the chef has mastered great cuisine. I expect to eat several courses which may or may not begin with a soup or salad. Entrees are a chance for people slow down. The main course is eaten in leisure. Variety is an essential part
Of dinning. Entrees are a chance for people to relax a bit, slow down.  The main course is not eaten in a big hungry hurry. The menu should be thoughful and today are sustainable.


It is a great sign if some or many of these appear on the menu:

Quiche Lorraine

Baked Cheese Dishes

Cheese Soufflé

Onion or leek Pie

Onion Soup

Poached Eggs

Coquilles Saint-Jacques

           Foie Gras

Salad Lyonnais

Moules Marinières

Blanquette de Veau


Cassoulet of duck, goose or pork



Confit de Canard

Gratin Dauphinois

Oeufs en meurette (a classic dish of poached eggs in divine meurette sauce: red wine mixed with onions and/or shallots, seasoned with thyme, parsley and bay leaf and mixed with a few drops of Espanole sauce.)

Ris de veau (sweetbread)


If none of these items appear on the menu, its time to throw in the towel. Maybe you are in Malta.

It a good sign if they have a sommelier

They must have French pressed coffee on the menu. The desserts may include Apple Tarte Tatin, Clafouti, Chocolate Mousse, or Poached Pears.

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