Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bola Chile (Cascabel)

The Cascabel chili (the rattle chili) is a member the Mirasol cultivars and grows wild on the Pacific coast of Central America and Mexico. Having a mild to moderate heat, the Cascabel is good for adding a touch of heat to recipes.   Fresh Cascabel, which is 2-3 cm in diameter, is also known as chile bola (Spanish for ball). The color of the fresh chilies varies from green to red; when dried, the color darkens. The chile has woodsy nutty flavor with slight lemon-like undertone and slight smoky taste. The heat of the dried chile is 1600 on the Dremann Hotness Scale which makes it slightly more than a Serrano (1250) Two ounces of dried chilies yields about three heaping teaspoons of ground powder. Remove stems and seeds before grinding (the seed have no heat or flavor)

2 ounces of dried Bola chile
 Blending your own rubs and chili powder allows you to uniquely flavor your own creations. The heat and variance in flavors is quite incredible.

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