Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pearl Street Plank Rubbed Salmon

This recipe uses a tasty and handy rub that truly is delicious on salmon. It is made by the Savory Spice shop. (Pearl Street Plank Rub invented by Dan Hayward, Savory Spice Shop Owner, Boulder Colorado and probably inspired by Pearl Street Mall’s Riff Restaurant that has Cedar Plank Salmon on their menu. Fo another recipe that uses this rub see sweet-potato-fries

Select fresh salmon steaks or filet sections that are bright and pink. Salmon you select should have bands of white streaks running through the flesh. (See picture - below)

Fatty Salmon1
Salmon steak or filet – allow at least a ½ pound per person
Pearl Street Plank Rub
A very good olive oil

Pre-heat oven to 375 F.

Line a thin sheet pan with heavy tin foil. Oil the tin foil liberally with olive oil.

Pat the fish dry and rub it very liberally with rub. Set the portions on the oiled tin foil leaving an inch between portions. Use a brush and lightly oil the salmon. Let salmon absorb the rub for 20 minutes before cooking. Bake at  375 F for 15 minutes, then raise the temperature to 425 F and cook until done (10~12 minutes depending on thickness and desired degree of doneness – do not overcook). [Despite a heavy rubbing, the spice does NOT overpower the flavor of the salmon.]

I like to serve this on aromatic steamed jasmine white rice topped with Iranian sumac.

1. A fatty salmon is regarded as the most richly flavored and chock-full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids

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