Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jerked Shrimp on Rice or Catalan potatoes

A portion is four or more large shrimp per person
Rub shrimp with a mixture of regular Jamaican Jerk blend or extra hot Jamaican Jerk Blend2 that we add a pinch each of ground clove and additional ground allspice.

Jamaican Jerk blend
Rub shrimp in Jamaican Jerk blend and barbeque of hot coals until just pink on each side (2 minutes a side or until opaque).
Brush with olive oil. Serve over rice or Catalan Potatoes.

Day old cooked Jasmine rice
1 Tablespoon of rendered pork lard or butter
Iranian sumac1

Reheat the rice in a hot frying pan with a little butter or lard. Sprinkle generously with sumac to flavor. Top  rice with a portion of jerked shrimp.

  1. Sumac  is indigenous to Persia and there are hundreds of varieties. Sumac is a berry of a bush that grows wild. It is widely used in different kinds of the Middle Eastern food. Sumac is most popular for its mildly sour taste. The Lebanese and Syrians use it on fish, and Iraqi and Turks on vegetables. In Arabic cuisine sumaq is used on dishes such as Fattoush (a type of bread salad) and Za'atar herb blend which is likely to be on the Persian table as a condiment.

2.      Savory spice shop’s hot version is blend containing toasted onion, salt, garlic, sugar, allspice, Mediterranean thyme, habanero chiles, chives, black pepper, nutmeg, Saigon cinnamon and sage.

Jerked Shrimp with Catalan potatoes



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